Thursday, July 3, 2008

URGENT: Committed youth advocates needed!

Hello All,

I have just returned from General Assembly in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the UUA's annual business meeting. The Youth and Young Adult Empowerment Resolution which you may have heard of was passed by a large margin and was accompanied by a lively discussion. It is safe to say that the defining issue of this year's GA was youth and young adults.

For youth ministry, a process has been designed to come up with a new structure, one that will take the place of YRUU. UUA President Bill Sinkford created the Youth Ministry Working Group last year to create this structure. We, YRUU Steering Committee, have expressed our many concerns with this past year. To remedy these concerns, we have arranged to add new members to the Youth Ministry Working Group.

We are looking for 6 youth and 2 adult advisors to join the Youth Ministry Working Group. Please spread the word in your UU communities! We are especially looking for young applicants and those who have been leaders in their congregations and districts.


In Struggle and Faith,

Will Floyd
member of the last YRUU Steering Committee 2007-2008